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It was time for a haircut and color. @annitaaa_t did such an amazing job with my hair! A light and subtle ombre was exactly what I wanted! Go see her at #Studio31 so she can transform your hair too!


So delicate Flowergirls by Lim Zhi Wei / Love Limzy, Malaysian artist.

these are amazing

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perspective is everything

It took me like 16 tries to figure out what I was looking at.




Glitches in the matrix.

I’m freaking out





I have been waiting for this to appear on my dash again

If I were to ever actually do modeling, this would be like a weekly occurance

I love how she grabs her bra like shit wait no don’t do it to me abort abort

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I opened this clam and found this handsome pearl! How lucky am I?!



if you put a frog in boiling water, it will jump out.

if you put a frog in warm water and gradually turn up the heat until the water is boiling, the frog will remain there until it dies.

and that is an abusive relationship.

Holy shit.

If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?
One of the most eye opening things I’ve read in a while (via agirlnamedally)

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The water is lava. [video]

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“Marina Abramovic and Ulay started an intense love story in the 70s, performing art out of the van they lived in. When they felt the relationship had run its course, they decided to walk the Great Wall of China, each from one end, meeting for one last big hug in the middle and never seeing each other again. at her 2010 MoMa retrospective Marina performed ‘The Artist Is Present’ as part of the show, a minute of silence with each stranger who sat in front of her. Ulay arrived without her knowing it and this is what happened.”

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"Now rap about your problems"

I want him to be my son. I truly think he has more street cred than drake

more quality than most stuff on the radio today tbh 



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Intimacy is not who you let touch your genitalia. Intimacy is who you text at 3am about your dreams and fears. Intimacy is giving someone your attention, when ten other people are asking for it. Intimacy is the person always in the back of your mind, no matter how distracted you are.